Integra Schools have designed an online platform to meet your leadership requirements. The governor secure areas have online conversation and planning tools as well as document storage and can be accessed on any device via the internet.

Features of the service 

  • this is provided through a secure online site through Office 365 using Microsoft Teams; 
  • Microsoft Teams facilitates collaborative working in a single user friendly interface and gives built in access to Office 365 tools; 
  • documents can be accessed securely from any internet enabled device without the need for e-mail or secure file transfer; 
  • the sites meet EU guidelines for data protection; 
  • access is through individual logins which means that actions can be tracked to an individual user; 
  • access is via an Office 365 account with an associated email address. This email address can be used by your governors to mitigate against the risks of governors using personal or work emails;
  • alerts can be set up so that users of the site are notified when anything changes; 
  • an experienced team of web designers, Office 365 experts, SharePoint developers and education specialists will support you with setting up your online space; 
  • user management is provided to ensure the right people have access to your site; and
  • excellent value for money.

Further details on the Online Platform for Governors can be obtained by contacting Jo Briscombe on Our Governor Services team also offers a range of Governor Development Services available to subscribers.