Jackie Muggleton from the Inclusion Support Service has been recruited by the London Leadership Strategy as a SEND System Leader. Acknowledging her as a national SEND expert, she will be one of 8 senior leaders / consultants who will be supporting the work of Whole School SEND around the country. This year long role is for a number of days throughout the year and Jackie will be doing this alongside her role within Integra’s Inclusion Support Service. 

The Whole School SEND Consortium is committed to improving outcomes for children and young people with SEND, through networking, collaboration and unlocking the answers that exist within the system.

This is an exciting opportunity to support the work of the Whole School SEND Consortium supporting Local Authorities and Opportunity Areas. This feeds into work aimed at embedding and sharing good SEND practice at school and system level through working across mainstream schools, special schools and MATs.

Sue Morgan, head of Integra’s School Support Services said “We are delighted that Jackie’s expertise in the SEN field has been recognised in this way and look forward to Integra being able to expand our impact to make a difference to young people nationally as well as in South Gloucestershire”.