First Conferences Run Under our New Integra Brand

Following the brand launch on 12 November 2015 we hit the ground running with two conferences in the last two weeks of November. Delegates from the south west joined our Advisers for conferences on leadership and mathematics. We must be getting something right as one Deputy commented that ‘you always seem to tap straight into what matters most right now in learning’

Assistant and Deputy Head Conference

Tortworth Court became the hub of intense discussion around strategic and inspirational leadership on 19 and 20 November this year.

Professor Brent Davies opened the conference by challenging delegates to consider the strategic intent of their leadership. He reminded us to focus on intentions and actions and reflect on their difference and importance. He helped us to distinguish between strategic intent and strategic planning and not let the urgent replace the important. This was well received and one delegate reflected ‘strategy is not ‘planning’ it is about building capacity to improve things in the future’.

Brent went on to prompt us to celebrate and focus on the positives and to promote them; as these are the ‘stars’ of our schools.

The afternoon began with workshops. These were followed by a Lead Meet organised by Simon Botten which one delegate commented was fast paced, concise and relevant. People were inspired by hearing about leadership approaches from their peers.

Discussion didn’t stop at the end of day 1 and spilled over into the evening dinner.

On the second day we were joined by Paul Warwick from Contender Charlie who led us through the complexities of leadership using Shakespeare’s Henry V as a context for reflection. One delegate commented that this was ‘a really refreshing and powerful metaphor for leadership’. It really challenged delegates to consider their role as a leader during different leadership scenarios and to recognise how this can change. Delegates were asked to contemplate their personal leadership strengths and areas for development. One delegate commented afterwards that ‘Henry V will be a real role model for me as I continue the leadership journey’.

Delegates evaluated that the conference had inspired them and been ‘an excellent opportunity to learn, reflect, network and breathe a little!’ with one Deputy calling it an ‘invaluable piece of CPD which all deputies should be entitled to as a matter of course.’


Mastering the New Mathematics Curriculum Conference

Eastwood Park was buzzing with mathematical conversation on Monday 30 November as teachers gathered together to explore and reflect on a mastery approach to the new mathematics curriculum.

The day began by exploring the topics of growth mind-set, getting your ethos right for mathematical learning and developing an effective curriculum. Delegates were challenged to consider their use of manipulatives, intelligent practice and rich questioning.

The day was packed with practical interactive workshops, cross school discussion with teachers sharing practice and quiet refection time. One delegate commented that it ‘made me ask questions about lots of aspects of my teaching’.

People even delayed going to get their coffee and lunch as they continued to discuss what next for them at the end of the sessions. There was lively and purposeful mathematical chatter around the room all day.

Delegates reflecting on the experience said that they ‘really enjoyed the practical approach to the day’ and that it was ‘well-paced with lots of opportunity to discuss and use the resources back in school’.

The day really promoted understanding of the concept of mastery with delegates saying ‘It’s all beginning to make sense’ and ‘I feel it has given me a greater depth to develop mastery in my class, I’m excited to take this into my teaching’.

Booking is open for our next conferences which are SEN Conference on 25 February 2016 and our Headteacher Residential on 10 and 11 March 2016.

You can also reserve your place early for next year’s Assistant and Deputy Head conference which will happen on 1 and 2 December 2016.

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